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Kaiqi tent technology research and development team designs and develops the structure, style and specifications of the tent, which is suitable for all fields and undertakes business from all over the world

Tent, tent rental, tent rental, spherical tent, movable tent, tent manufacturer, Shanghai Kaiqi Tent Technology Co., Ltd. (www.kaiqitent.com) is a well-known tent design, manufacturing, and leasing in the industry A professional tent company that integrates sales and sales. The company introduces advanced tent construction concepts from Europe and the United States, and adopts domestic leading tent design and production systems, from tent design, technology, materials, structure, fire protection, wind protection and other safety levels, and The tent supporting integrated operators cooperated to realize the "integration of the tent", which further improved the applicability of the tent. We will tailor a variety of tents for you and provide suitable solutions for your activities.

Company products:
Including more than 30 kinds of products including spire series, activity series, large series, special-shaped series, etc., covering various sizes including 3m-40m span, as well as 3x3, 4x4m, 5x5m and 6x6m spire series. In addition, it also produces Various types of special-shaped tents, including spherical shapes, etc. The tent is installed in a modular combination, which can be freely combined according to the size of the site. To provide you with wonderful creativity and meticulous service.
Business scope:
1: The design, production, sales and leasing of the company’s tents are mainly used in various sports events, road shows, outdoor weddings, corporate celebrations, company parties, reception activities, outdoor promotions, product promotion, and festive activities (clothing festivals, Oktoberfest, food festival), exhibitions, expositions, industrial semi-permanent storage, emergency disaster relief, etc.
2: Provide one-stop service for supporting services and integration of activity resources. Provide services including movable furniture, production decoration, temperature control program, beautiful greening and so on.
Core advantage:
Kaiqi Tent is not only a manufacturer and seller of tents, but also a professional service provider for the integration of event resources. We rely on high-quality tent products, and integrate various professional activity resources including furniture, production, interior decoration, mobile toilets, outdoor heaters, air-conditioning, temporary stands, luxury carpets, etc.; and make better according to the different needs of customers Coordination and integration.

The company uses a good management system, efficient team, and qualified products to increase market share and enhance brand value.