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Can prefabricated buildings be used in sports venues?

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In fact, there is a considerable lack of indoor sports venues in China, but many customers abroad have solved the problem of indoor stadiums by building removable temporary buildings. Because indoor stadiums are expensive to construct and take a long time to construct, they can be assembled. Style building?

The prefabricated tent of Shanghai Kaiqi Tent can provide ample space for exercise.

Team sports such as basketball and football require ample space for activities. Therefore, whether the Shanghai Kaiqi prefabricated tent building is suitable for use as a stadium depends on whether it can provide enough space for sports. The herringbone roof tents and arc tents commonly used in sports venues all adopt a unit combined structure, with a conventional span of 10-60 meters , and the length of the tent can be combined and extended at intervals of 5 meters , which can meet various requirements in space. demand kinds of movement , while the top of the tents will be up to 6-12 meters, making all kinds of ball games are not highly restricted.

The prefabricated tent can withstand the influence of the weather.

In fact, outdoor sports are easily affected by the weather, so indoor sports venues must ensure that they are not affected by the weather, and the tents used in the stadiums are made of aluminum alloy profiles with a hardness of 15Kwh, which can resist 8-10 gales . The tarp is made of opaque PVC material , which can avoid the trouble of sunlight during exercise. The tarp is also waterproof, flame-retardant and tear-resistant. If the side wall of the Shanghai Kaiqi Tent Stadium is fully sealed, even Wind and rain outside will not affect indoor sports in the slightest!

Shanghai Kaiqi prefabricated tent construction system can provide a comfortable environment.

Some people prefer to spend money to go to indoor venues, because the sports environment of Shanghai Kaiqi Tent Stadium is more comfortable, and the highly expandable tents can also meet the needs of the user's environment. Different supporting facilities can be used to improve the tents. The internal environment of the venues , such as adding lighting systems, can be used for sports even at night, and seats, air-conditioning, resting areas, laying playground mats, etc. can also be added to create a comfortable sports environment.

In general, sports tents can meet all the needs of indoor venues. In addition to being used as indoor basketball venues and football venues, they can also be used as badminton courts, tennis courts, swimming venues, and even ice skating venues. Moreover, it also has unparalleled advantages such as fast construction speed, low construction cost, and mobility. It is undoubtedly the best choice for building indoor sports venues at present. Choose Shanghai Kaiqi Tent, and we will also provide you with exclusive sports venue tents. Room plan!