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Hotel tent
Product introduction
The tent hotel is a new high-end temporary building suitable for large outdoor leisure resorts in national primeval forest parks, scenic resorts, high-end country hotels, and self-driving camp lights. Because it is convenient and fast to build, it makes up for the immovability of fixed buildings, which is in line with the country's strategy of economic development. This construction method has changed the scarce resource waste caused by the massive use of reinforced concrete in modern construction projects. The use of this building system can not only realize the dialogue with the starry sky and the close contact with nature, it will give you an unprecedented joy, and it will also save more time and capital costs in planning approval. The tent hotel not only saves you construction costs, construction time, and the uncertainty of construction land approval, but also brings a more comfortable and comfortable way of outdoor activities for people who have not lived in the fast pace, so that you have a different Vacation experience.
Product features
Product parameters
Fixed way
Steel drill fixation
It is suitable for the ground that can be destroyed
Counterweight fixing
It is suitable for non destructible ground
Expansion screw fixation
Suitable for concrete and asphalt ground
auxiliary system
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