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Curved tent
Product introduction
The curved roof movable tent has a variety of span options, including 3m4m5m, 6m7m, 8m10m, 15m, 20m and other spans. The side height of the tent is 2.6m or 4m. The main structure of the tent is a unit-combined aluminum alloy frame, and the length is increased or decreased at an interval of 3M or 5M. The aluminum alloy is a four-hole high-strength aluminum alloy (100*48x3mm, 130*70*3mm, 203*112*4mm), the tarpaulin is a flame-retardant double-sided coated PVC synthetic fiber cloth, and the weight is 850g/sqm with shading And semi-transparent and fully transparent options. The movable tent can be equipped with different supporting facilities according to your needs, so that the functions and uses of the tent can be greatly expanded. Common configurations include curtains, windows, supporting floors, carpets, air conditioning, lighting, glass walls, and glass. Doors, transparent roofs, etc. The wind resistance of this product reaches 80km/h (equivalent to the 9th wind), the wind load is 0.5KN/m2, and it is easy to set up and disassemble. Activity tents are widely used in various tent rental activities, outdoor wedding tent rental, corporate promotion tent construction, sports event VIP tents, hotel banquet hall tents, temporary warehouse tents and emergency center tents, etc.
Product features
Product parameters
Fixed way
Steel drill fixation
It is suitable for the ground that can be destroyed
Counterweight fixing
It is suitable for non destructible ground
Expansion screw fixation
Suitable for concrete and asphalt ground
auxiliary system
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